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Jace.NET 0.6 released with WinRT support

A new version of Jace.NET is released. Version 0.6 adds support for WinRT. The API remains fully backwards compatible with 0.5. Both the regular .NET build and the WinRT build offer the same API. You can find the latest version in the official NuGet repository:


No user visible changes have been done for the 0.6 release. All changes are under the hood to add support for WinRT.

Because the WinRT lacks support for Reflection.Emit, the entire dynamic compiler had to be rewritten to take advantage of Expression Trees. The new dynamic compiler offers the same performance as the existing implementation. No special user actions are required, on WinRT Jace will automatically use the new dynamic compiler.

Future version of Jace.NET will add support for WP7 and WP8. Besides support for new platforms, additional mathematical formulas are planned to be added combined with improvements to the API. The goal is to keep the API backwards compatible with the current implementation.

More information about the architecture of Jace.NET can found at:


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